Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to the Stash Cards

It’s rainy and foggy here in South Western Ontario today so no walking in town for us. Instead we had to pretend to be hamsters in a wheel….LOL! That’s what I refer to us as when we have to go to the local hockey arena and walk around and around upstairs. I tell Joe it must be how a hamster feels in a wheel…he goes round and around but doesn’t get anywhere….I just get ‘the look’ when I mention to Joe who does not always think I’m funny! We did 20 laps which is 2.5 miles so that’s enough when you are walking on solid concrete. That’s the worst thing to walk on; pavement is next; dirt is best. One doctor told me if we were walking in a survey with little traffic, to get off the sidewalk and walk on the road. I don’t usually do this but sometimes I do.

I’m on a mission…yes again….to use up some of the paper scraps I have been hoarding! I came up with three cards that I quite like and although they didn’t use up a lot of scraps, they used enough small pieces that pleased me. Here is the first card I made.

The dark blue candles started out as solid blue cardstock so I used one of the mixed media stamps from Stampin’ Up to stamp white lines across them. They are not very visible but enough to add some texture and interest to the solid blue. The rest are all scraps cut around ¼” but each one varies a bit from that size.  I didn’t want them in a straight line so I made sure some were leaning and even twisted a bit. The blue background was in the stash too and I glued it to the card base and then sponged the edges with a darker blue. A fine Sharpie pen was used to draw a tiny line for the wick and then orange and yellow stickles was added for the flames. The ribbon is from Stampin’ Up – Night of Navy or something line that. The black sentiment was die cut from the Tim Holtz greeting set. Good masculine card I think.

I liked it so much and still had lots of small pieces so I made another one which was done the same way but with different paper bits. .


Then I decided maybe one in pink would be nice too so I made this one.

I’m still trying to use up the scraps so you will be seeing several cards in the next few weeks that were created from the left-overs from other cards. I’ve been checking out Pinterest for some more ideas.

That’s all for a very wet and foggy Tuesday, 2017-01-03



Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference. Simply place the curser over the picture until the Pinterest save sign shows up in the top left corner and enter. This will take you to your Pinterest account. If it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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jinxxxygirl said...

LOVE these candle cards.. What a neat idea to use up your scraps.. I must try to remember it! I think i would have been tempted to outline some of the candles with maybe a dark blue or dark pink....? It probably would have been a mistake but i would have been tempted...lol

I learned the exact same thing about what to walk/run on when i was a runner... Concrete is the worst! Here i walk on pavement and the occassional trail...

We are COOOOLLLLDDDD here... Down to 18 F last night with a couple 14's in our future...brrrr..... Hugs! deb

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