Friday, May 12, 2017

Crazy Boy Fun

It’s after 10:00 pm and I’m finally having a moment to make a post. We went to Rondeau Provincial Park again today and even though we said we were going to leave around 4:00 pm….it didn’t happen….never happens! It was sunny but that darn wind was cool once again. In spite of the nicer weather, there were more birders than birds at the park! The migratory birds are scarce this year but it’s still nice to get outside and walk the trails.
On our way to the park we stopped to get some asparagus for supper and they were having a huge sale – half price! – because they found the odd spear that was frost bitten so they couldn’t ship any of it to the supermarkets. If they find even one spear, the entire cut cannot be sold to retailers but they do sell it at the farm...buyer beware! So, I ended up buying a huge bag to freeze…which is why we were going to leave around 4:00 to give me time to freeze it. Well, we didn’t get home until about 7:30 but I still froze the asparagus… favourite veggie! I should sleep well tonight!

Today I’m posting a scrapbook layout of when we took two of our grandsons to an amusement park.



First they went on the cars that go on a hilly circle and bumblebees that go quite high. The older boy thought these were baby rides but he was kind to his little brother and went with him. The bees were a little more fun than he thought and the cars were wicked fun! They went on them several times.

As you can see, the photos are across the top and bottom with patterned paper in between and a bit showing near the top and bottom. Skinny ¼” strips of black paper were used above and below the photos as well as a couple to separate the photos.

Most of the papers and embellishment were from a Paper Wishes pack but a few were from the stash. The red line of half dots was die cut with a long Sizzix die.

Then they migrated over to the bumper cars and that’s where they stayed for the rest of the day I think. Seth was thrilled he was finally old enough to go on them.

These are how the two pages side by side but I have them reversed here…duh! The one on the right is actually the first page and the ribbon is blue, not grey, and it holds the tag that says ‘crazy’.  The second page hold the rest of the title with the first circle saying ‘boy’ and then three tags that spell ‘fun’.   

Hope you like the layouts. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. That’s all for a sunny but cool Friday, May 12, 2017. Have an awesome weekend everyone.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Just love your scrapbooking Violet... The boys are going to love looking back on themselves one day... LOVE asparagus too!!! My Grandpa had several rows of it in his garden in Florida and after he passed they let his gardens all grow over with grass but the asparagus survived and you had to go out and pick the asparagus before you could mow the Hugs! deb

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