Sunday, July 9, 2017

Giant Lilies

Hello blog readers. I'll be back tomorrow with a card but tonight I'm sharing a couple photos of some giant lilies that are blooming in my garden. I didn't buy white ones but obviously when you buy bulbs you can't tell if you are getting the colours that you wanted. These are the largest lilies I have ever seen so I just had to share them.

I measured the lily above from the tip of the top petal to the tip of the opposite petal and it measured just over 10".....yes, 10 inches. Huge lily!

These are the ones that are open now....more buds on the left of them. 

That's all for tonight


1 comment:

  1. What beautiful lillies Violet! Gorgeous!! I don't know if i've seen any that big~ Pretty creamy white color too~ My Abelia is blooming right now and its the star of the yard at the moment... too bad its in the back yard... the crepe myrtles are just starting to pop... The ones in town pop much sooner...

    Big Hugs~ deb


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