Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Nightmare Before Christmas Quilt

I’ve been down in the lower studio (aka the basement) making Christmas cards for the last couple of days. As anyone else started theirs? I’m not a fast card maker mainly because I design as I go and experiment as I go. Yesterday I was there for most of the afternoon and Joe asked me how many cards I had made – 4 completed and a couple partly made. He just shook his head and said, “If you sold them based on the amount of time it takes you to make each one, you would have to sell them for at least $20.00 each…and only if you paid yourself less than minimum wage.” Well only a few friends want them and they give me a donation of $2.00 which pretty much pays for the supplies. I’m not in the card selling business; I just like making them.

But today I’m not posting a card; I’m posting a quilt I recently finished for my youngest daughter.

Her, and her youngest son, both love the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas (I’ve never seen it myself so I have no idea what the appeal is).  I was walking down a fabric aisle and saw this panel. It yelled out to me, “Barbi needs a quilt from this!” I cannot ignore fabric when it yells at me so I bought the panel and the co-ordinating fabric on the outside border. The rest of the fabric I pulled from my stash and, just like I design as I go when I make cards, I do the same thing when I quilt. 

With the left over bits I made her a matching pillowcase that she can store the quilt in when not in use.

She loved it…and so did Seth. Here she with it when I presented it to her in the parking lot when we returned the boys to her.

Seth wants to be “Jack” who is the man with the white head in the movie for Halloween and guess who makes all their costumes. Well yesterday I had to run an errand for my sister-in-law and as I left the house I thought to myself, “Oh this is senior day at the thrift store but I don’t feel like stopping” but as I got to the corner something told me to go there first. I’m so glad I did. They are just putting out their Halloween stuff and there was a rack labelled, “Thrifty costumes” or something like that and I spotted what looked like the character Jack’s suit. I couldn’t be could it? Yes it was. It was marked Men’s Medium but was obviously marked wrong and it should fit Seth who is 10 with only minor adjustments! I’m a happy Grandma! I just have to design and make the bat bowtie he wears and I’m done…..well, unless the other grandsons decide they need a new costume too!

That’s all for a lovely day here in Ontario. We had some rain yesterday, heavy at times, but nothing like Windsor Ontario which is about 45 minutes west of here. They were dumped on big time and the photos of the water covering the cars looked like Houston. The mall; several streets; several businesses and even the emergency room of the Hospital were all flooded and closed. Certainly nothing like the devastation in Texas but a smaller scale of it.

Take are all; and stay safe; Wednesday, 2017-08-30.




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  1. Well that is one awesome quilt Violet.... I'm so glad your daughter loved it... I'am a fan of the movie too... i wasn't for years... When my daughter was young i wouldn't let her watch it and i didn't watch it.. it seemed so dark... definitely not my traditional idea of Christmas... but then long after it first came out .. i watched it.. and it is a little dark but unique and different and well done.. and i enjoyed it.. and daughter let me know she watched it over a friends house

    How incredible you found that costume!!! Your going to have one happy boy there!! Hugs! deb


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