Friday, September 1, 2017

Made it 70 and a Nice Birthday Card

Yup, made it to 70…in spite of my body sabotaging me several times over the years – 8 surgeries so far including back surgery and brain surgery – the others were minor compared to those two. Only 33 years to go to live to my life span goal of 105. Apparently when I was about 4 years old I announced to my mother that I would be living until I was 103. She had no idea why I brought up that subject or decided on that amount but I did and I have repeated it throughout my entire life. We shall see!

Today’s card is one that I would buy for myself if I was going to that…..I do a lot off-beat things (according to some people) but I haven’t bought myself a birthday card yet!

This is a Poppy Power stamp that I recently bought at our local scrapbook store, The Paper Pickle. Love flowers; love this stamp set. I coloured it with pencils and blended it with gamsol – as usual! The fish tale banners were hand cut because, big sigh, I do not have any banner dies. The card base looks orange but it is actually a deep pink to pick up the dark pink in the flowers. I decided it needed a little extra so I added the bow and some sequins. The sentiment was heat embossed and that stamp came with the set.

That’s all for a sunny but a cool wind is blowing which makes for a chilly day in the shade on Friday, September 1, 2017. Hard to believe summer is now officially over….big, big sigh!  Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone. I’ll be posting the first Christmas card on Monday.



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  1. Well you look darn good for 70 my dear Violet... We should all hope to look that good and be as active as you and your hubby are.. 8 surgeries! wow! I've not had one... 'knock on wood'.... and thats in 50 years.. lets see what the next 50 hold... 105 sounds like a good goal!! Happy happy Birthday my friend! Hugs! deb

  2. You're just a girl "35 * 2"
    Happy happy Birthday!
    Good luck!


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