Monday, October 2, 2017

Stash Card

Sad, tragic news this morning regarding the shootings in Las Vegas…why, why, why keeps going through my mind. All those innocent people killed while listening to music. Senseless. The world is getting scarier and scarier and I hope and pray that it turns the corner towards peace soon.

I thought of skipping a posting today but we cannot live in fear and life has to go on so I’m going to post a card today.



Every once in awhile I dig into my scrap bag…okay confession…bags of left over bits of paper and cardstock and arrange them into a background for a card. I happen like blue and yellow together so that’s what I used here. I line them up how I like them; glue them to a piece of left over white paper that measured the size I wanted – usually 3 ¾ x 5 ¼; letting the extra bits hang off the ends; trim it to size and then I run it through an embossing folder for extra texture. The large blue on bottom left was a piece of cardstock that took the embossing very well so I ran a sanding block over it to reveal the white interior for even more texture. The piece of white cardstock has two embossed lines across it courtesy of my Scor-Pal and then the edges were inked with blue and the sentiment and fancy small scrolls stamped with the same blue. Once it was glued over the background, the entire piece is glued to a dark blue card base. These are very popular cards, especially for men who do not like any ribbons; flowers or glitz…boring men!

Here is an embossing tip for you. If you are embossing thin paper that seems to tear try laying it between two pieces of paper or thin cardstock before embossing. I just use bit of left over paper that would be thrown in the recycle bin anyway.

That’s all for a sad Monday, October 2, 2017.



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jinxxxygirl said...

I have to say ... i believe in our right to bear arms.... But i'll tell you i can think of no good reason why a civilian needs to own an automatic weapon... none... And honesty i think the majority of Americans feel the same way... The problem is some people are worried that if they take the automatic weapons away then thats just the beginning and they will take more away so they just oppose it all... To me cops and military are the only ones that need an automatic weapon of any kind..

Your scrappy cards always inspire me Violet and i LOVE yellow and blue too.. Thank you so much for the embossing tip... I'm just about to enter the embossing world for the first time so i can use all the tips i can Hugs! deb

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