Monday, December 11, 2017

Catch the Holiday Spirit....

‘Catch the holiday spirit’  is pretty easy to do here today – we are having a major snow storm and tomorrow very strong winds are to be added to the snow. We will not be leaving the house tomorrow! Today we had to have our morning walk at the arena – they allow the public to go in and walk around, and around, and around, the upstairs mezzanine. There were a few people skating too. I always tell Joe that when I’m walking there I feel like a hamster in a wheel – we go round and round but don’t get anywhere. He just gives me ‘the look’ and says, “Just keep walking. It’s better than slipping on the icy sidewalks”. After the walk we ran a few errands and picked up the last few stocking stuffers for the grandkids and headed for home just as it started to get nasty. I’m so sick of winter already!

Today’s card is also entitled ‘Catch the Holiday Spirit’ and if you check out the birds head you will see why I stamped that sentiment….which came from an old stamp set.

I love these birds which I found on the Internet. This one was once again coloured with pencils and blended with gamsol. I left it in the Spellbinder die and sponged on some light blue for the sky. This leaves a nice white border. The snow is Liquid Applique and I squeezed some out of the tube; spread it around and set the image to one side to dry as I made the background. Once the liquid applique was dry I zapped it with the heat gun to puff it up.

The background was a piece of blue cardstock that was run through an embossing folder that sometimes looks like snow flakes and sometimes looks like floating flowers. I decided today it was snow flakes! I added two ribbon accents to break up the blue a bit. Once the image was dry it was glued on and then two Spellbinder die snow flakes were added along with some clear gems. The sentiment was stamped and embossed with white embossing powder. I made this one for one of my grandsons.

That’s all for a snowy, cold and slippery Monday, December-11-17.

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  1. My daughters high school used to let the public walk or run etc.. on their outdoor track.. (cushioned) when the kids weren't practicing... and we could walk or run the bleachers... And the shopping mall used to let walkers in early too... Never took advantage of it for the same reason you stated... round and round and round... But we never did get much snow in TX and i lived in the country so lots of places to walk... But if all you have is slippery sidewalks then i guess i'd go... lol

    Just loving your little birdies... Is liquid embroidery the same as liquid applique ?? I have a friend who uses Liquid applique but i think she heats it with a heat gun to get the snow effect... Stay warm my friend... Hugs! deb


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