Friday, December 8, 2017

Making a Flat Punched Image More Interesting.

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year!

Another cold, windy day today and the snow we had yesterday is staying on the ground – not a blizzard, but we did have to shovel the driveway late yesterday afternoon. Those whose driveways faces East gets the afternoon sun and the snow melts; ours faces West, so no melting for us if there is no morning sun. We actually went for a walk downtown yesterday in the snow but today is a take it easy day. We’ve had enough of winter; bring on summer!

A friend of mine was cleaning out some closets and found three punches and a few Tombow markers that had never been used. They had all been in her closet for so long she has no idea when she bought them or why she bought them. She said she would never use them – she’s strictly a quilter – so she brought them to me. Lovely friends I have!

One of the punches was a Christmas stocking. So I thought it was only fair to make her a Christmas card using it.


The punch just punches out one flat stocking. This is how you take a flat punched item and make it more interesting. First I punched it out designer cardstock and white cardstock. Then the heel and toes patches were hand cut from the white stocking; edges inked; and glued on top of the punched stocking. Likewise for the top but once it was glued on, Martha Stewart fancy glitter was glued on.

While the glitter was drying, the back of the snowflake embossing folder was inked with light blue ink and then a piece of white cardstock was run though. This leaves a very light blue background and the snowflakes really pop!

Two small holes were punched right beside each other and embroidery floss was put through one; up through the other and a knot tied. The stockings were attached to the string with dimensional strips.

The sentiment banner was hand cut and then a gold pen was run around the edge. The sentiment itself is a gold peel-off as are the small gold dots. The card was then glued to the light blue card base which is just a darker colour than the blue behind the snowflakes. I think she will like it.

That’s all for a cold and windy Friday, December 8, 2017. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday with another card.



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