Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Crafts

It’s getting colder by the hour here with a 50/50 chance of a white Christmas. We still have a bit of snow but only where it was piled up. It was raining this morning but we could get some more snow by Christmas. I’m not a winter person at all but a white Christmas is always beautiful….but I’d be happy if it left December 26!

A blogger friend asked me if I had any Christmas crafts to post so I think I’ll post a few here today, maybe more tomorrow – I have a lot! – these are only a small portion of what I’ve made. Hope you enjoy them. Some are repeats from postings several years ago.

The angel hanging down started out as a pen. It was antiqued and made into an ornament much like the Santa below which is a better picture. The ornament with the horse and sleigh is one I painted years ago.

This started out as a pen that could not be refilled. Rather than throwing it out, it was antiqued and made into an ornament.

I made scads of these Christmas elves and gave most of them away. The belly is a large jingle bell and small jingle bells are on the hands and feet. Easy and fun to make.
 I made these angel toppings while recuperating from brain surgery. I needed something easy to do. These were my own design and idea. I used most of them for gift toppers.
Here's a close-up of one.
I made these with the girls - wreaths too. If you have young children these are a good project. Use lace that comes with holes for threading ribbon through; use tri-beads on pipe cleaners; thread on the beads and go through the lace folding each one over.

I like icicles on the tree but not those old-fashioned silver ones so I made my own beaded ones.
Lots of different beads to use up!
As this says, these were made from small blush containers. I made one for each family member using a wide variety of embellishments. This is my cute little granddaughter as a toddler.
I made scads of these angel broaches too.  I cannot find any of these findings now which is too bad as people keep asking me to make more for them. These findings came from Michigan but we don't go over anymore so not sure they are even available.
Felt and beads ornaments! Another project I did while recuperating. There was the Santa, a snowman, birds, angels and more. They came in a kit I picked up somewhere.
A pair of angels I made years ago.
I love Father Christmas. This was the first one I made. I made a woodland Santa for my daughter Barbi,  but forgot to take a photo of it.
I used the same pattern to make my daughter Janette this wizard. Not sure why she wanted a wizard but she did so I made it.
Found this pattern in a book; cut the wood out and painted it.
Someone sent me a Christmas card and I liked it so much I traced the picture; transferred it to wood; cut it out and painted it.

That's enough for day. As you can see, I enjoy doing a lot of different crafts as well as my sewing and quilting. 

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  1. Wow Violet! Just Wow!! I love those pens and that Christmas ball you painted. You are such a good artist. That santa pen really came out well. I haven't done much with pipe cleaners but that elf is adorable. And what a great idea to use a feather for angel wings... Your candy cane reminds me of ribbon candy..ever have that? Its rather old fashioned candy these days but i love it when i find some... I like how your 'icicles' go from large beads to small.. thats really very effective..

    What a great use of a blush container.. I never would have thought of that..Look at that little cutie pie granddaughter! I can see why people would want those angel brooches.. Its too bad you aren't able to keep making them.. You my dear have been much more prolific than i over the years.. Those Santas are amazing.. and the wizard.. Yeah i'm a wizard gal I love your wood cut out santas too... Did you do something to the wood before you painted on it Violet? Some say to seal it in some way so sap doesn't leak thru...

    Do you still do your other crafts Or do you pretty much stick to your sewing and card making these days? Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful crafts Violet..Wow! You blew me away when i opened your post! :) Hugs! deb


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