Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Winter Garden and More Christmas Crafting Memories

We were hit with another snow storm last night! Groan! Had to shovel the driveway again. Groan! More snow coming too. Groan.
After shoveling the driveway I grabbed my ever-present camera and took a few shots in B&W of my garden. It certainly looks different in the winter. Here are my favourite three shots.

I have a few more paintings and a Christmas wall-hanging to show you before I shut down the blog until next Wednesday! 
I had a question on the last blog about painting on wood and do I have to treat it before painting - yes! I do a very light coat of Varathane - let it dry (doesn't take long) - do a light sanding and then another coat of Varathane. This seals the wood so it doesn't absorb the paint. 
I painted Christmas balls for everyone in my immediate family several years ago. This one was for my son-in-law, Austin. The Father Christmas is blowing cold air which spells his name.

This was a cheap box from the dollar store that I painted for my daughter to hold her Christmas cards.

A snowman stack. It's actually much brighter in real life. The camera dulled the colour.

This one was done on slate - donated to the church bazaar. 
Another Slate one - another donation.

Another painted box to hold Christmas cards.

I painted this ball black and then painted roses on it. Just to be different.

I painted several of these too - back in 1994

My Santa and Snowpeople family!

One of the first things I ever painted - probably about 1990

These are coasters. I painted a set for myself and all three of my sons-in-law. The large one is the paper mache container that holds them.

Another hold one I painted. This one opens like a book to hold cards. It even has hinges on the side.

A very tall snowman on slate.

And last but not least - this is a quilted wall-hanging I made about three years ago. 
That's all for a snowy Saturday, December 23, 2017. I'll be back next Wednesday with another card. Have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate Christmas; if not, have a happy holiday and if you are not off work; have a great day!

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  1. What a treat Violet seeing all your crafty goodies.. They are all so fantastic! Wow! If you were to twist my arm I'd tell you that the very tall snowman at the end was my favorite.. :) I love the snow piled up on your flowers too ... some great photos! Well i just made a post and i'll be around to visit anyone who makes a post.... Not doing much on Christmas.. Hugs! deb


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