Friday, January 12, 2018

A Quick and Easy Card

What a day! This morning it was very windy and was still raining and there was not a spot of snow left on our yard. By 10:00 it turned to freezing rain; then more snow!...and with the strong wind, the snow was blinding. There were so many accidents this afternoon. People will not slow down…or stop texting or on their phones…in bad weather. The police actually caught some people on their phones while passing the snow plow in blinding snow and freezing rain. Some people never learn!

End of rant! On with the today’s card.

I love making these cards. Simply die cut any shape….I happen to like ovals…and use it as a mask. Place it over white cardstock and lightly sponge any colour on. Then stamp an image with the same colour only using it full strength. Its easy to get a real dark stamping if you are lucky enough to own a stamp positioner like the Misty or Tim Holtz’s..which is what I have because my darling daughters bought it for me for my birthday!

Then I wrapped some matching ribbon around it and added a stamped sentiment.  Quick and easy but such a nice effect.

I did some cleaning this morning and then spent the rest of day playing in my lower studio (aka the basement) making some new cards. Tune in again on Monday to see some of them!

         That’s all for a windy, cold, snowy, rainy, freezing rain kind of Friday!



Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards or other items I post to your Pinterest account for future reference. Simply place the curser over the picture until the Pinterest save sign shows up in the top left corner and enter. This will take you to your Pinterest account. If it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and let me know so I fix it. Thanks.


  1. I agree Violet .. i like simple cards too.. infact its the only kind i make..LOL! I don't have the patience for complicated..

    Cold here... no precip worth mentioning.. we could use some though... Single digit night temps in our future... sigh... no need for that kind of cold..

    Working on the house.. caulking trim and then painting it.. Hubby is tape and floating downstairs.. sigh ... Big Hugs! deb

  2. I really like this card Violet.


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