Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Splashed background card

I’m very tired today so if there are any errors in this posting, please accept my apologies. I spent all day yesterday helping my sister pack, purge and get ready to move….and then when I finally got home at 8:30, had a shower and tried to relax my mind decided to recall every thing that went on and what we missed and what if, what if, what if…… during this move of hers. I’m not usually a ‘what if’ person but this is a big move for her and it is always on my mind. Hubby and I were both very tired today so we went for a nice long walk in the bush – fresh air and exercise is the best cure if you are tired.

Today’s card is another one made by dipping water colour paper into watered down Distress ink or water colour paint. I use both so I’m not sure which one I used on this card.

This one was a little bright so I used some Distress Ink to sponge around the edges. The stamp is from Stampin’ Up’s Serene Silhouette set….not sure about the sentiment but I think it came from HOTP set. I didn’t like the tree floating so I added the ribbon to go at the bottom of it and then a plain black bow. It was mounted on a Spellbinder’s fancy square die. Then it was glued to the yellow card base.  It needed something along the bottom so I added that bottom strip from a Tim Holtz die cut.

That’s all for a dull and cool Wednesday, March 28, 2019. Today is my mother’s birthday and she would be 100 years old if she was still with us. Unfortunately she died in 1972 from breast cancer. I miss her every day. I urge all my female readers to go get a mammogram. It could save your life.



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