Monday, March 26, 2018

Root Canal and a Card

I’m just back home from the dentist – phase one of the root canal finished…phase two will be April 11th. My mouth is so frozen! We are experiencing another sunny day with a cold wind blowing but tomorrow there will be no sun and we are expecting a huge amount of rain – like flooding amounts. (insert big sigh here)

Today’s card is another “oops don’t like that so lets see if we can fix it” type of card.


The background of this card was the “oops”. I just didn’t like it. It was created by laying cardstock on Distress Inks that were smeared on a piece of plastic and sprayed with water. Distress Inks do not blend as well on cardstock as they do on water colour paper so it was a bit blotchy….but I hate to waste anything. So, I took a piece of vellum and stamped the dragonflies and sentiment on it, wrapped some shiny thread around it and then glued it to an orange card base. Not bad. Good enough to keep on hand in case someone is sick and needs a card.

That’s all for a cold but sunny Monday, March 26, 2018.



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