Friday, April 13, 2018

Birds and a Card

Wow, two nice, almost spring-like, days in a row! However, tomorrow and Sunday will be record breaking rain falls, maybe a thunderstorm and the temperatures will drop and there could be freezing rain….and Monday there could be snow! We cannot remember a worse April! Last year at this time we were cutting the grass!

We opted for a walk through a bush near home and spent over two hours there, about an hour actually walking and the rest of them trying to get some decent shots of the birds. We saw several flocks for Golden-crowned Kinglets, Juncos, woodpeckers, robins, brown creepers and one warbler….the first of the year! Here are some of the best shots.

The Kinglets are very hard to photograph as they will not sit still at all. They just move from spot to spot every couple of seconds so these are not the best shots of them, just the best of the day.

This is a female Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Sweet little Junco. They are mostly gone by now most years but not this year. We have them in our backyard as well.

And now for the card. I’m ending this week with a humourous card.

        This is another Art Impression stamp. It was coloured with pencils and blended with gamsol. The background was sponged on chalk. The stitched dies are from Elizabeth Crafts. ‘Celebrate’ was die cut with a Sizzix die using the same blue as the piece the stamped image was mounted on. The background paper is from a 6” birthday paper pack from the dollar store. The sentiment is computer generated…..and it is my motto for life!

        That’s all for a lovely Friday, April 13, 2018. Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone.



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  1. We should all adopt that attitude Violet! :) I just love your bird photos. Keep them coming... You always amaze me with the quality of your photos. The Juncos were still here last time i looked for them a day or two ago.. But they should be leaving soon.. We host them for the Winter.. We have lots and lots of Goldfinches and i have some new birds at my birdbath that i hope you can identify.. I will put a picture on the blog soon.. They don't go to the seed feeders just the birdbath ...

    We escaped the strong storms unscathed... the worst went by us to the South... whew.... We did get some nice rain though which we needed badly.. Now the next two days are brrr.. cold... Stay safe with all your weather coming Violet. Hugs! deb


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