Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Card and a Storm!

This is actually Friday’s post – we had no TV, Internet or phone from Friday afternoon until late Saturday morning…just as we were leaving for the day. So, I’m posting this today instead.

Spring is definitely here with temperatures in the 70’sF! However, we have had a couple days of thunderstorms; heavy rain and very strong winds. In fact, this afternoon we went out to get groceries and there were a couple of times I could hardly take a step because I was walking against the wind.  When we came home there were traffic lights out at all the intersections so it was slow going. We had lots of small branches off our trees but nothing else damaged. We had hydro so we didn’t think anything of it but Joe was talking to the neighbour and he wondered where we were because we missed the storm of all storms. He has lived here for 33 years and it was the worst storm ever. It only lasted about 5 minutes or so but it was scary fierce. Apparently the wind was gale force and several hydro poles were down which is why the stop lights were out – and we had no Internet or phone. He said the heavy lawn chairs out back flew right across the yard and dented his new shed. There are no windows in the grocery store so we didn’t even know it had rained until we came out and saw the puddles. I’m not sorry I missed it. We then went and checked the backyard and found one of our birdhouses that is mounted on a shovel that was firmly in the ground, was lifted out and thrown against the fence and landed on the compost bins. Good job the fence was there.

UPDATE: we went to Rondeau yesterday and today and there are trees down all over and some telephone poles were snapped in half but the wires still intact. A tree came down inside Rondeau Park and took out some hydro lines so they were without power until almost noon today!

Today (Friday) is my granddaughter’s fiancées’ birthday so this is the card I made for him.

He loves the outdoors so he got a woodsy card. The window die is from Memory Box – one of my favourite dies. The bird behind the window is from an old greeting card. For the top and bottom of the window frame, I ran a piece of brown cardstock through the wood frame embossing folder, than die cut the window die again, just along the bottom and top; trimmed it off; inked the edges with dark brown and glued them over the original ones. I think this makes it even more ‘woodsy’ looking.

I found that grey cardstock in the stash but it was torn or cut and didn’t fit the card so I trimmed an angle off of it and glued on a piece of left over brown. The rope between them is also from an Elizabeth Craft die. The deer was die cut from an IO (Impression Obsession) die out of light brown cardstock and then I inked the edges with dark brown. The birthday sentiment is a peel-off.

That’s all for a windy and stormy Friday, May 4, 2018. I’ll be back with a card on Monday – my grandson’s 8th birthday card. Have a wonderful weekend everyone; be creative; be safe and if possible, perform a random act of kindness. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a person’s day so much brighter.
Yesterday I stopped in at the thrift store and found four Close to my Heart stamp sets and decided to buy them. As I was checking out the lady in front of me was digging through her purse for change and finally gave up and very apologetically told the clerk she couldn’t find the quarter so she couldn’t buy what ever was in the bag – and then said, “And I really wanted it too”. I asked how much she needed and the cashier said, “30 cents”. I just happened to have only 30 cents in my wallet so I gave it to the cashier. The lady checking out was almost speechless. She finally said she couldn’t believe anyone would do that and thanked me over and over. I told her to just pass it on and do a favour for someone else when she had the chance. See, it only took 30 cents to make her day!



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  1. Wow! Worst storm in 33 years! Now thats saying something!!! I'm so glad that you and yours are all fine Violet.

    That card is so unique and lovely... I really like the cutout corner. Your 'window' cards are some of my favorites! Big Hugs! deb


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