Monday, May 7, 2018

A Mickey Mouse Card

It’s Monday and I’m back with another card. If you checked on Friday and found no posting, it was because we were without TV, Internet and phone until Saturday thanks to a severe storm that blew in. I posted it yesterday instead so feel free to scroll down to see it.

Saturday my youngest grandson turned 8. I made him a Mickey Mouse card.


        Mickey’s colours seem to be red and yellow so I went with that. I ran both pieces of cardstock through the Swiss Dot embossing folder – has to be the most used one I own! – and then taped them together at the back. The black strip across the seam is a die cut. The red balloons were die cut with a Little B die. The black Mickey one is just three circles. I added a small piece at the bottom of the largest one to be the end of the balloon. The black embroidery floss is just tape to the back of the balloons and a black pen was used to make a mark across the bottom of them to look like string. I could not tie them without breaking that bit off – learned that the hard way and had to cut another one. The black one is attached with adhesive mounting strips to give it some height. The sentiment was die cut twice with the Sizzix die in yellow and black with the yellow glued on top of the black but off-set a bit. I used a tiny star to dot the ‘i’.

Finn loved the card! He is going to Disneyland so his birthday money was in U.S. dollars so he could buy something special there….he liked that too!

That’s all for another beautiful day here in Ontario. I’ll be back on Wednesday, hopefully, with another card.



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  1. I have never made it to Disney World.... in Florida... so i take it he is going to Disneyland in CA?? Now i have been there... My daughter LOVED Space Mountain and my favorite was the Indiana Jones ride but who knows if thats still there.. I have a friend who would LOVE that Mickey Mouse card Violet. You did a great job!Wishing your grandson a Happy Birthday and i hope he has fun on his awesome trip! Hugs! deb


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