Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A "Oh No, How Can I Fix This" Card

I posted a posting of all the birds that we saw over the last couple of days on a separate posting…. so if you like birds, please scroll down to view them.

        Today’s card is a “oh no, how can I fix that” card. I think it worked out okay.

        I had stamped and coloured the Poppy Power tulip stamp and then somehow got a large smudge just beside the coloured image. So the only thing I could think of to do was cut it out. So then I took some white cardstock and used a stencil to make some light designs in the back ground and inked some blue in the centre.

        I laid the cut image on top and decided I had room for the sentiment and laid the stamp there to mark the spot. Then I put it in my stamp positioner (I have the Tim H. one) and stamped the sentiment.

Then I glued on the cut out image. Here’s a hint if you have to cut something with some small places like between the lower flower and leaves – always cut these out first!  The image is more stable then and you will not rip a piece already cut.

I glued on that pretty ribbon and added three pearls and then glued the entire thing to the green card base.

That’s all for a beautiful May day, May 9, 2018. We stayed home and did the yard work today – tired but happy.



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