Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Hello all. Sorry for not posting much - very busy and had company as well. Hopefully I'll be back with a card tomorrow. Tonight I'm posting the last few migratory birds we saw on Sunday. Can't do much tonight because I've been 'on hold' with the cable/internet company for almost an hour. I have the phone on speaker phone so I can type but hopefully they will answer soon. One can only hope.

Here are some beautiful birds we saw.
This is Joe's favourite migratory bird - the Scarlet Tanager.
But look at the ones below.

This is the same bird as the top one but instead of that brilliant red, it is orange with bits of yellow. These are rare to see. We have only seen 3 of these in all the years we have been birding. This one was so co-operative and sat for several photos. So beautiful. 
Believe it or not, this beautiful greenish bird is the female Scarlet Tanager.
Rare to see these as well.
This bird is a Summer Tanager and is a young male in the process of changing to an adult. When he changes completely he will be all bright red, no black wings for the Summer Tanager. 

A pretty Veery.

A very dramatic looking Bay-breasted Warbler.

Male Yellow Warbler

Love this little guy - the Philadelphia Vireo.

I'll be back tomorrow with a card.

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