Friday, May 18, 2018

A Dragonfly Card

Wednesday and Thursday were both beautiful days, but today not so much. It was sunny but the wind had a bit of a bite to it. Yesterday while I was out running some errands I stopped at a small bush that is right here in Chatham to see if the baby owls were out and about. There is only one owlet but it was out – but sitting on top of a very tall dead tree where it was hatched. I did get a couple of ‘okay’ pictures of him. Hard to get a real good shot when he was so high and I was on the ground – and I’m short!

This is a Great-horned Owlet.

Today’s card was another experiment that I quite liked and will very likely use again.


First I masked off the card leaving the centre open and sponged on some Distress Inks – Warm Lipstick and Peeled Paint I think. I sponged them around until I liked the look. Then I looked at it and hated the stark white sides! So, I sponged more of the Peeled Paint on the sides. Better but I wanted the centre panel more defined so I added the silver peel-off strips on each side. Much better….but it still needed a little something. I had purchased four brand new, never inked, Close to my Heart stamp sets from the thrift store (all 4 for $5.99) and decided I would use the botanical one. I stamped three of the fancy leaves, one on each side at the bottom and one at the top right hand side using Peeled Paint again. I don’t usually like to stamp with Distress Inks except when I don’t care if I get a complete stamping.

Then I put the panel in the Tim Holtz stamp positioner and stamped the sentiment that was also in that same stamp set. It still needed something else so I used a die cut dragonfly grouping to be the accent piece. This is a Stampin’ Up die set that my friend loaned me. I die cut a few of them but not too many as I didn’t know how I was going to use them or what colours I would need. I do like the black ones a lot so I may have to borrow it again. It was then glued to a green card base.

I set it aside and worked on another card then went back to it. It was okay but the dragonflies needed something added…. Clear Stickles! Yup, I added clear stickles to the wings and what a difference that made. The hardest part of using Stickles is setting it aside to dry! I’ve smudged card panels so many times by being impatient or forgetting they were wet and stuck something on top of them that I know take the card and move it far away from me to dry!

        That’s all for a sunny but coolish Friday, May 18, 2018. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. If you are Canadian, Happy May 2-four! This is a long weekend and usually the first big camping weekend in Canada but Rondeau Park’s campground is completely flooded from all the rain we had and the campground is closed. Unfortunately, they are calling for another three or four more days of rain and even thundershowers. We are not campers but we don’t hike in the rain either so I think we’re grounded this weekend.



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  1. Absolutely GREEN with envy here Violet!! A baby owl!!! How adorable! Except for his eyes being a little shaded i think you took some excellent photos from far away!!

    Oh i could use your sharp wind... any wind.. its like we are in the doldrums here.. no air moving ...humid.. hot..uuhgghh... turned the air cond. on for the first time today... about 2 weeks earlier than last year.. sigh.. but it was 93 F today and humid and i just had it... lol Expecting some rain tonight and tomorrow.. hope it pans out.. we could use it.

    Love your card... and as usual i wish i had YOUR thrift Just LOVE those dragonflies! A little hard to tell in the pic but i be those stickles are perfect on the wings! Hugs! deb


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