Monday, August 20, 2018

Recycled Cards

Another Monday moves us closer to the end of summer – boo hoo. I love summer. I love the fall colours but it means cold air and snow will be following. Oh well, I’ll just have to soak in as much summer as there is left.

        This morning I got a sad phone call letting me know that one of my quilting friends died over night. She fought a courageous battle with ALS but lost. She just went into hospice on Friday and I was going to go over and deliver a card for her today but she went much quicker than they thought she would. So, I’m posting a sympathy card today.


         I found this tulip on an old greeting card. Instead of recycling the entire card, I carefully cut out the flower and leaves. Here’s a hint for cutting out images with small areas in them…like between the stem and the leaf in the lower right corner. Cut it out first! That’s because you have the entire piece to hold on to while cutting. If you leave it for last, there is a greater chance of ripping a piece already cut – like the thin stem.

      So, once it was cut out I placed it on a few pieces of paper until I found one I liked – the yellow one. It picked up the yellow in the flower. It was a little too bright so I made some scribbling lines here and there to give it some depth. It also makes your eye move around the card because your eye will want to automatically bounce from one scribble line to the next….another tip!      

        Then I rummaged through my orange ribbon box and found this one that was so close to the colour of the tulip. The bow was tied and then it was glued and wrapped around the panel. It was mounted on a rusty coloured card base.

        That’s all for a beautiful, but sad, Monday, August 20, 2018.



PS: To save a card to your Pinterest account, simply hover over the image until the ‘Pin It” symbol appears and then click…it sometimes take a few seconds. This will take you to your own Pinterest account to save the card.


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  1. Oh Violet i'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. What a beautiful card you made while thinking of her.. I will definitely file away that little tip about the scribbles for WHEN i can get back to paper crafting..

    It is a beautiful .. almost crisp morning here this morning .. almost Fall like dare i say.. Warmer temps expected this coming week but i'll take this one morning.. the humidity has been scrubbed from the air.. glorious.

    Big big hugs, deb


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