Sunday, July 3, 2011

flip flop quilt

What a great weekend. OK, a little humid yesterday and a nasty, nasty thunderstorm last night and a bit hot today but overall, a great weekend. We spent the day at Rondeau once again - 29.3 km bike ride. Man did we need showers when we got home!

So today I'm posting one of my favorite wall-hangings. It's a flip flop quilt and nothing says summer like flip flops.

As you can see, it hangs on our wrought iron railing at the top of our stairs. It was so much fun to make too. I picked up Fat Quarters of these bright colours from one of the vendors at our quilt guild meetings and the owner gave me the pattern for the flip flops and I just made it from there. The fabric of yellow/gold squares and the red border came from R.B. Fabrics. I love buttons and I have quite a few fancy once so I used those on the flip flops too. I had so much fun making this I thought it would be nice to make another one so I put this one in the last quilt show with a price of only $100 on it and I was hoping someone would buy it so I could make another one but no takers. Oh well, I kinda like this one a lot anyway so I'm just as happy to still have it.  I'm sort of thinking of making bags with flip flops on it for my daughters and grand- daughter for Christmas but not sure if they want them either. I think I'll check first. I hate to make things for people and have them not like them or want them.

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