Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Journal Monday - Pink Flowers Make Me Smile

I was up and 7:00 this morning thinking I was going to go to Aqua Fit before heading out quilting for the day but the brain disorders had other ideas. Hubby questioned me going as I was already having spasms so he wondered how I was going to be able to exercise. I did a few running on the spot to prove to him it wouldn't make it worse, and failed miserably. OK, point taken. No exercise today. However, there was no reason for me to skip quilting - this group is used to my odd speech but they couldn't understand my "Good Mornicapa" (yes, pronunciation changed overnight) greeting and thought I was talking about a cornucopia - too funny. Several of us members of our local quilt guild get together twice a month to make quilts for charity - for people in need of a warm quilt, those suffering from some type of accident or trauma and for children diagnosed with cancer. I had several quilt blocks done and decided to sew them together today. Turns out I had enough blocks made to complete two quilt tops and finished them both today. A good days work for sure. I get lots done when I can't talk!

Enough about that, on with the post. This week's Art Journal challenge at Stampin' Bella was to make a page using pencil somewhere on it. Here's mine.
Pink flowers are my favorite! The pencil was used to do the shading. I also penciled in the saying under "LOVE" but it didn't show up so I went over it with a Sharpie. Still not showing up in the picture because of the glare but it does say "Pink flowers make me smile". I still have the background too dark I think but it is all trial and error for me. No lessons, just fun. I'll be back tomorrow with a card...or a scapbook page...not sure which yet.

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