Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art Journal Tuesday

Wow, did we get rain today! Rain and thunderstorms all thru the day. The two grandsons looked outside this morning and said "No beach today"....and likely none tomorrow either. But we needed the rain, badly. The grass was scrunching when we walked on it and the farmers were getting very worried. This should help big time.

Right now the two grandsons are watching Sponge Bob Square Pants so I'm stealing some time to post. I don't get that Sponge Bob show at all but they love it. Good job they are good about playing by themselves. They like "Grandma's toys" and I let them play educational games on the computer. We watched a movie and did a craft at the library this afternoon and then did some shopping so that took care of the day. Tomorrow, who knows? I'll think of something to do.

Stampin' Bella changed Art Journal Monday to Tuesday. Our suggestions for this week was to use drips or splatters on our page. Here's mine.
The flower stems are drips but I outlined then. Also the blue coming down from the top are drips and then I splattered red here and there. The flowers are from paper napkins. I cut out several including the white below the flowers and pulled them out and coloured them red with some with black around the edges and then glued them all on - about 4 or 5 each flower. In person you can see more dimension. The yellow on the top right is a stencil that I sponged yellow paint over. The sayings were on a sheet of vellum that I had on hand so I just painted the back with white so the writing would show up better, cut them apart and mounted them on black cardstock before gluing them down. Not my favorite but I don't hate it either. That's the fun part about doing these art journal pages - it's just fun and I get to experiment with different techniques - some work better then others but what the heck, it's paper and paint!

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Carolyn Dube said...

Great journal page! I love how you used the drips for your stems!

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