Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monarch Sympathy Card

It's been a busy week! Summer seems to be like that as we try to cram as much "outdoor" life as we can. Tuesday was too hot to go out of the house though - close to 100F here in Ontario and very, very humid. It was even too hot to even sit on the front porch. I spent the day in my upper studio trying to finish up some quilts and bags that are long over-due to be completed. Almost done. Yesterday the humidity dropped some -but so did the skies! Rain - much needed rain. Joe suggested we head out to Rondeau Park for a veggie burger and walk. He was sure it was going to quit raining by the time we got there - wrong! However we enjoyed our picnic lunch under a shelter and loved listening to the rain hitting the tin roof. The sun finally came out about 2:00 so we went for a 2 hour walk along the marsh shore. We were only about 15 feet from a beautiful deer at one point. She just stood there looking at us and then decided we were harmless so wandered away. Nice day!

Today - more rain. After running some errands this morning, I trying to get some more cards done. First though I opened up Photoshop Elements and re-saved all my cards and scrapbook pages in a smaller format to save some space on the blog. Big job, but it's done.

Here's one of the latest cards I've made.

This is a picture of a Monarch butterfly that I took last year. The edges of the background paper were inked with Distress Ink, as well as the strips across. I stitched a straight stitch about 1/4 inch in on the stripes and then did a zigzag along the edges. Circles and tag are from Spellbinders of course. Well, back to the "lower studio" (aka the basement) to get some more cards made.

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