Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snow People Card Box

I finally ventured out of the house today. First Joe and I went for about an hour's walk "around the block"! Yeah, it's obviously not your standard city block but it's what we call it when we just want a short walk. After lunch I had to go to the library and to the scrapbook store, The Paper Pickle (which is only open Wed, Thurs. and Sat. now) and on the way home I decided to go over to the Value Village for a quick walk thru. So glad I did. Someone decided to give up card making and I scored big time. I picked up about 5 bundles of 12x12 paper and two 81/2x11 bundles, each one was $5.99 except one of the smaller ones was $2.99. And I'm talking about BIG bundles. One of them had two complete packs of Christmas papers that sell for at least $24.99.
Whoot! Whoot! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! This made my day!..and week!

So, now I'm in the process of sorting it all out. Yes, I'm a Virgo and I cannot have my paper all mixed up. So, first I separated the Seasons and theme paper and now I'm sorting the rest into colour groups. The next thing is to find storage for it all! When all piled on top of each other it likely measured about 15" or more - like I said, BIG bundles of paper! This one problem I am happy to deal with.

I love snow people. I love painting them too. This is a box to put Christmas cards in that I made. I made one for each of the girls and a couple of extra ones and this is the left over one. I like to give them choices so I make extras.
                       This is just the regular acrylic paint for tole painting.

Here is a different angle. And the colour is much better (different camera used). Still playing with getting the colour right on my older camera. After painting the bottom red I used white paint on snowflake stamps and stamped them around the edge. Not sure what to do with this one but hubby gets after me to take some of extra stuff to a craft sale so I may do that. I wonder if any one would pay me $5.00 for it? I think I worry that no one will buy anything so I shy away from trying to sell my items.


jinxxxygirl said...

LOVE your snowman box! You are so talented!! Pish posh someone would buy that! But you know i say the same thing...'what if nobody buys it!' that would feel horrible wouldn't it? So like you i don't try but really whats worse trying and failing or never trying at all?

I put a few of my images at Zazzle dot com........they put them on tshirts , tote mugs etc...and i get a small percentage of sales for letting them use my far only friends have bought anything...thats a little depressing but i try not to think of it that least my drawings are out there in the world... lol....

PS What is your box made out of??? Maybe you said and i missed it....
Hugs! deb

CraftyViolet said...

It is a wooden box - but very thin wood.

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