Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blue and White Wedding Card Number 2

This has been a crazy busy week now that I’m feeling back to my non-normal self!!! Nothing much is normal around here but it’s our normal. Yesterday was another great day so we headed out to Rondeau Park for another bike ride – 33.5 km (20 miles)! This morning was a little housework and a lot of nothing and then groceries and errands this afternoon. Some of our favorite vegetarian foods are disappearing off the grocery store shelves so we are not too happy about that. The trouble is around here is that the grocery stores have veggie food in several different locations, none of it marked as such, so it’s hunt and hopefully find – and they can’t figure out why it doesn’t sell as well as they thought it would. I told the manager of the meat dept that contrary what the brilliant university graduates who design the layout of the stores think, vegetarians do not roam thru the meat section so sticking a few packages of vegetarian food in with the meat is not a good idea. He agreed but nothing changed. Okay, that’s my vent for today.

 I thought I’d post the second wedding card, geared toward the groom that my friend requested.

The birds were done exactly the same was as I posted in yesterday’s posting. All dies are Spellbinders once again. I love these new Spellbinder’s Majestic elements dies. The background is some wedding paper with very bright white and beige roses on it. Nice but overpowering on a small card so I placed a piece of off-white velum over the top and it toned it right down. I used the same blue ribbon but didn’t die any bows this time, its just there as a strip across the bottom. The sentiment was computer generated and then die cut. The tiny white and blue hearts are brads and they are holding the velum in place at the bottom. I hid the glue for the top under the fancy white square. She liked this one too – again, a whew!

 Until next time, have a great day,




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Anonymous said...

It is definitely more manly than the other one without the bow and the filigree label, well done!

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