Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Engineerd Card that works!

A balmy day here in Ontario. It’s above the freezing mark so in Canada in January, that makes it balmy. We had an hour and 14 minute walk this morning – hubby likes to time things down to the minute. I tried again to have him go look for the Snowy Owl but he turned me down again. The Snowy Owl is not always in this area in the winter but this year there has been several of them spotted but it doesn’t look I’m going to be spotting one any time soon!

Yesterday I posted a card that was suppose to have two circles joining it together as a gate-fold card which wasn’t all that successful. I redrew my design and tried again. This one is more like what I had in mind.

The two circles are not just glued on top. The top one belongs to the right side of the card and the bottom one to the left side. When you fold the card in, they interlock and keep it closed. To cover the edges of the circles, I die cut two pale yellow scalloped circles and two smaller scalloped circles from yellow patterned paper and two white circles using Spellbinder’s dies. While the small circles were in the die I sponged some yellow ink around them which leaves a nice white border. Then I just tied a skinny yellow ribbon one the left side and glued on the butterfly on the right side.

Here’s the inside of the card before I changed it too. This view shows you how the front of the card fits together but I didn’t like the look of the circles on the edges of the card. The yellow patterned paper is the same as the middle paper on the circles on the front. This was die cut with a Spellbinder's fancy square die and another Spellbinder's label was used for the sentiment.

So, I had to remedy that. Here's the inside of the finished card.
I die cut two more scalloped circles from the same patterned paper, embossed the centres with a Cuttlebug mini embossing folder (that I should use more often) and glued them over the top matching up the scalloped edges. Now I like it. Sometimes its the little things that make such a difference.

Well, in spite of the fact that over 30 people checked my blog yesterday, no one guessed why manhole covers are always round. So, I guess I’ll have to tell you. Manhole covers are round because a circle is the only geometric shape that cannot fall into itself! Think about it. If a manhole cover was square or rectangle or any other shape, someone could pry it up and drop it down into the sewer leaving a gaping hole someone could fall into. But it is impossible for a circle to fall into itself. I always wonder about stuff like this and maybe Joe is right when I ask him something and he looks at me and says, “You are the only person who would wonder about that!” He could be right I guess.







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jinxxxygirl said...

Just brilliant! The card AND the manhole answer! :)Hugs! deb

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