Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2nd Birthday Card Attempt

Okay, I’m not going to mention how darn cold it is or how sick I am of it….ooops, I guess I just did, didn’t I! It’s also still pretty cold down in my lower studio so I’ve been in the upper studio which is a large walk-in closet where I sew, quilt and do bead work. Last week I decided to do one of those strip race quilts where you sew strips of fabric together either with a 45º angle or a solid square at the end of each. I decided to sew a bright red square at the end of each strip. You sew yards and yards of strips together and then sew the rows together over and over. It was rather fun and I enjoyed it but as I was about to trim off the ragged end I had an epiphany (doesn’t happen often but it does once in awhile). Instead of using this as a quilt top, if I make it wider it would make a great backing for a quilt and I wouldn’t have to buy any fabric. Bonus! I've been making scrap quilts to use up just a bit of the fabric stash so why not put a scrappy backing on as well. If they don't like one side, they can flip it over. So, over the cold weekend (oops did it again) I added strips to the sides and now I have a free backing for my next quilt. I finally finished it last night and I want to start my bird wall-hanging today.

Last Thursday I made a card that I was going to send to my son-in-law but decided it didn’t suit him so I used the same stamp and grunged it up a bit. Here it is.


I used the same process of inking the stamp with brown and then adding the green for the leaves and bushes and stamping it on a piece of white cardstock that I had stamped a text stamp (Stamping Bella) using Old Paper Distress Ink. After it was stamped I added some water colour pencils to the trees, bike seat, bird and rocks and blended it a bit more with plain water. Blue chalk was sponged for the sky and strangely enough it turned the Distress Ink blue as well which I quite like. Brown chalk was sponged on the ground. To grunge it up this time I distressed the edges and ran black ink along them. Then I folded down one corner and added a dull coloured brad and then glued it to a brown card base. I liked it but it still didn’t suit the son-in-law so I made a third card that I’ll post tomorrow.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Darn that son in law... he's a tough one. LOL! Love this card Violet! I like how the Distress Ink turned blue too!! Sending you some warm thoughts anyway... In the 70's this week.... Just had some more rain last night..expecting more Wednesday night..... Hugs! deb

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