Monday, March 3, 2014

The DON'T BUT ME quilt is finished - and you could win it.

We are under another cold snap here in Ontario. Want to know how cold it is? My friend sent me this funny altered photo of a Northern Cardinal and I just have to share it.

Someone is very cleaver at Photoshop!

Do you know how to turn the main water valve off in your house?...or the valve on the toilet? If not, ask someone to show you. On Saturday night Joe noticed water leaking down from the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom. He ran upstairs and sure enough water was lying on the floor around the toilet. We both had showers but he had his before supper and with mine being after supper,we assumed at first that I did not close the shower curtain tight – WRONG! It turns out the hose that fills the toilet tank started leaking for some unknown reason so a temporary solution was simply to turn the valve off and seeing as this happened on Saturday night, we have to wait until today for the plumber. Luckily we were home when it happened and averted disaster. I used to take claim reports at an insurance company and leaking toilets and ruptured hot water tanks were a common cause of flooding. We have always turned the toilet valves off when we leave for a day, and the main valve when we are going to be gone overnight and I encourage everyone to get into the habit of doing so.

The DON’T BUT ME quilt is finally done. Here it is!

This will be one of the prizes for the 2014 raffle at Rondeau Provincial Park. We spend so much time there in the spring, summer and fall, I just wanted to give back and this seemed like a good way to do it. So, you could win this quilt if your $2.00 raffle ticket is drawn. If you are at Rondeau Provincial Park this summer, make sure you go to the visitor’s centre and buy a ticket.

It’s too cold in the lower studio for me today so I’m working on another quilt.




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thefrugalcrafter said...

the quilt is stunning:) I think you will sell a lot of tickets! I will be in my basement studio today, I have to make a big cardboard Chinese dragon costume and it is the only area with enough room! we are at -1 F currently:) Stay warm!

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