Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Cherry Card and a Black Eye

I gave myself a black eye! And giving your self a black eye is not all that easy but I managed to do it. On Tuesday we were heading out and I decided to check out the weather first so I would know what coat to wear and of course I was talking to Joe while I was opening it and didn’t notice how close I was to it and banged the door into my glasses. Ouch! It’s a bloody wonder I didn’t break my glasses as well but it just knocked them askew. As soon as he realized I was alright, the burst into hysterical laughter saying, “Only you, only you could do something like that! I have never met another person in my life that does the things you do and hurts themselves!” Well, he has a point there. I reminded him that I warned him when we met that a) I was a jinx and b) I was a bit of a klutz. Okay, perhaps I under-exaggerated the “bit” part. I am a huge klutz. So, anyway, I readjusted my glasses, chose a coat and off we went and forgot all about it until yesterday. He looks at me says, “What’s wrong with your left eye? It looks like a bit of a black eye starting.” Really? I go look in the mirror and sure enough the eye lid is changing colour. So I foolishly remind him of my encounter of the door and he just bursts into laughter again, shakes his head at me and walks away saying,” Only you. Only you.”  Yeah, he probably does have a point there.

Today’s card is one of my favourite cards. I hope you like it too.


The background paper is from a paper pack that I bought from the thrift store so I don't know the manufacturer but its very sparkly and glittery. I love it! The squares are from the standard Spellbinder square die set. The butterfly, Inkadinkado, was stamped and embossed with the pretty blue ink that picks up the glittery blue flowers in the background paper. I died the ribbon myself, and once dry, I ran it down the middle of the card before gluing on the finished image. Then I tied the bow and glued it on along with a large pearl. More pearls were added to the butterfly body and antennae. This is just one of those cards I hate to part with but hopefully it will make someone else’s day a little happier too.

Well, we have snowdrops blooming in the garden, robins are in the front yard and the grocery store has their flower garden centre set up so spring must be around the corner. However, the way the cold north wind was blowing at me while I walked this afternoon, it’s a long corner!




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Malika said...

Very nice card. Love the coulors


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