Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Poppy Card on a Rainy Day

First we go for weeks with no rain or little rain and then it comes and doesn’t know when to quit. It was POURING rain yesterday and Joe decides to go to Port Huron for the day. Really Joe? Are you sure? Well, off we went and surprise, surprise by the time we got there the rain had quit and the sun was trying to come out. We ended up having a great afternoon, stocked up on the veggie food we can’t buy in Canada, and had a great visit with one of our friends we met while attending hockey games there. I did go to Hobby Lobby but I didn’t need much so just picked up some Zip Dry glue with the 40% off coupons, a package of cards/envelopes on sale 50% off and a small thin label die on sale….really thin die. Then we decided to pick out some artificial flowers to replace the big vase in the living room that I have been complaining about for months because they were on sale 50% off as well. Sure wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in Chatham – and a JoAnn’s would be nice. We didn't have time to stop at JoAnn's yesterday as we had a late stop but next time for sure!!

Just after we got home, got everything put away and showers over with, the rain came back again followed by a loud thunderstorm. And more rain expected from today until next week. Feast or famine as usual!

So today’s project was to paint over the blah vase and it’s turning out very well. It’s about 2 ½” tall and it was just plain off-white in colour – even after I washed it well – haha! I took a before and after picture so once it’s done I’ll post them.

Today’s card is another poppy card. Love poppies.

The poppies were coloured with Prismacolor pencils and then I used a Spellbinder’s die to die cut the fancy rectangle. I wanted to try something a little different (big surprise I know) so I took two pieces of green from the same paper pack, one plain, one with a bit of a pattern, and cut the patterned one on angle and placed  between the two plain ones. Then I glued on ribbon along the edges and tied a bow at the top. I think it turned out alright.

That’s it for a Wednesday.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Beautiful card Violet! Love me some poppies! Its HOT here. 95 today and tomorrow and Friday then we go back down in the 80's then the 70's for next week. Thank goodness the heat is not hanging around. I think the rain is done for us until the fall. I hope El Nino really happens like they are predicting. That would mean alot of rain for us in CA. Hugs! deb

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