Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't let the weather stop you - you might see a rainbow!

Yesterday started out cold and wet once again. By noon we were both antsy and wanted to do something so we bundled up and braved the weather and drove to Rondeau Provincial Park. It was still sprinkling a bit when we got there but by the time we ate our veggie burgers the sun was trying to come out and we had a great day birding. Here are some of my favorites.

Some of the females are as pretty as the males.

There are hundreds of these Yellow Warblers in the park!
One person was shaking his head at having so many around and I told him if there has to be a lot of something "let it be the pretty Yellow Warblers"! He laughed and said I was right.
The Wood Thrust sat nicely for a photo.

This is another pretty female.

Beautiful Warbler

This is the male to equivalent to the first photo.

I have tried for three years to get a Black-throated Blue Warbler close enough for a photo!

Another pretty female.

Not a warbler, but my favorite woodpecker.

I don't have many photos of the Bay-breasted Warbler either but this one is pretty good.
Just a few minutes after we left the park (about 7:00pm - we never seem to leave early as planned) it started raining again and this time it was coming down pretty hard. However, the strange part was it was raining in front of us, to the right (East) the sky was almost black it was dark, but to the West the sun was shining! Joe kept saying this is so odd to have the sun in my eyes while the windshield wipers are on! Of course, he then said, "Look for a rainbow. This is ideal conditions to see one!" And he was right. We saw a beautiful rainbow and I took a picture of it out of the car window as he was driving. Here it is.
What a lovely way to end the day! Is there anything the Lord created more beautiful than a rainbow!

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aqua fit said...

We saw it too, it was so bright and beautiful. We certainly could see God's creation here again. Did you see the double one? It was there.

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