Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Resist Card

We were surprised to have a very snowy morning here in Ontario. It started quite early and as we were doing dishes (yes, we do dishes ourselves. I wash, hubby dries – we got rid of the dishwasher when we redid the kitchen to have more cupboard space and we don’t miss it at all)…..anyway, I asked him if we were going to walk in the snow but we both wondered if it would be too slippery or not. He looked out and said, “Let me finish the dishes first and then we’ll decide.” As he went back to the dishes I kept looking out the window and saw a fellow slip and fall down the street from us. Decision made! No walk today. We probably could have this afternoon but by the time he shovelled the driveway he was too tired to walk and I was too busy quilting to want to quit. Maybe tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that the sparrows and dark-eyed juncos did come back on Saturday. We have no idea why they did not come Friday but I told Joe maybe it took all day Friday for them to thaw out. He just gave me “that look’. Some days he has no sense of humour at all….especially in the winter!

When we were out and about on Friday I stopped in to Michaels looking for some quilt batting, which they didn’t have. I had a 40% off coupon so I thought I would treat myself to a Tim Holtz craft sheet. I keep looking at them and wanting one but you know how it is; I talk myself out of one because they were $16.98 which I thought was rather pricey. So Friday I decided it was time for one. I just about fell over when I saw the price of them now - $28.99 or $29.99?? Are you kidding me Michaels???? Gee, using the 40% coupon would bring the price down to the regular price of them. Not falling for that one! I’ll wait until I get to Hobby Lobby to get one. I needed a piece of black cardstock so that’s what I bought and used my 40% off coupon on!

Today’s card is another one with a brayer background.

Before I inked it I stamped the image (Stampin’ Up) using Resist Ink on glossy cardstock and this time I used the Ranger Big and Juicy ink pad to add the colour. The Resist Ink does indeed resist the ink and leaves that lovely ghosted image. Love it! I had another small piece of glossy paper sitting on the table so I inked over it and then die cut the butterfly with a Memory Box die. I put a piece of wax paper between the die and the cutting plate and instead of throwing it away, I carefully sponged on some of the same die and then glued it to the card first and then just glued the middle of the butterfly down. It looks like a shadow in real life but hard to tell on the photo. This could be a birthday or retirement card. The sentiment was stamped on label die cut from a Spellbinders die and then I used a stencil brush to pounce on a bit of the blue and purple just in the centre of the label before taking it out of the die. The ribbon looks crooked but it is not. I didn’t notice it was pushed up when I took the photo but I put it back down later.

That’s all for a snowy Tuesday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

OOOooo I love that resist ink too! Very pretty Violet! Maybe your birds found another bird feeder to frequent and are taking turns ?? LOL! Stay warm Violet! Hugs! deb

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