Monday, January 19, 2015

Brown Scrappy Quilt

We just had a mild but wet and dreary weekend – and it continues. The temperature is just around the freezing mark but we went for a walk this afternoon and the cold dampness just seemed to go right through us. It was so dreary Saturday and Sunday we didn’t leave the house – and my brain disorders do not like it when the barometer dips down so far so it is better to stay indoors.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a card or a quilt today but the quilt won out. This is a quilt I made for my oldest daughter. I saw a quilt similar to this but in different colours on Pinterest and I really liked it and figured out how to do it. The quality of the photo is not great and it is much nicer in person – richer colours. Double click to enlarge any photo.

Maryanne liked it and it even had Barbi’s dog’s approval.That's Griffin poking his head out to inspect the quilt.

That’s it for a Monday. I’ll post a card tomorrow.


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