Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Community Quilt??

It was snowing when we got up this morning and didn’t quit until almost 5:00 tonight. However, the temperature was at a balmy -6C so we went for a walk – still cold with the cold wet snow hitting our faces but it did feel good to get out and get some fresh air. Joe had to shovel the driveway twice today but the snow has stopped so that’s over with.

I thought I’d post a rare Saturday posting this week. Here is a quilt I made for my one and only granddaughter, Kadri.

I bought a drawer unit from a quilt shop that was closing and inside was some bits of fabric. The owner’s daughter (owner died unfortunately) told me to just take it all. Well, the fabric turned out to be the start of a quilt. There was no pattern with it and not pieces enough to finish a quilt but it was my friends at the quilt guild to the rescue. One of the ladies saw my request for any matching fabric and called to say she had bought some odds and ends at the same sale and she was pretty sure she had some of that quilt – turned out she had almost one whole row of the same quilt. A couple of other friends gave me some matching fabric and I finally had enough to make a small centre of the quilt. Then I just added a couple of plain borders; raided by own stash to make the piano border and then finally the last brown border which I made wider at the top and bottom so the quilt would not be square.


Kadri loved it and here she is with boyfriend studying it when I gave it to her.

That’s all for a snowy Saturday,





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