Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Multiple Technique Card

Halloween is over! It was a bust here last night. We used to get over 100 kids but it has been going steadily downhill for years. Last year it was raining and we still had about 50 kids. This year the weather was better so I had two bags of candy just in case we went over the 50…..we only had about 35! This is a fairly busy street and the new street lights the city installed last year are no where near as bright as they used to be so I think a lot of parents took the kids to the survey instead.

Oh well, we’ll add the extra bag of candy to the stuff we take to the food bank.

Today’s card is another mixed technique one. I seldom ever have a plan or sketch in mind when I make cards so it’s more like ‘try it and see if it works’ method for me.


I like the masking tape technique but it’s a pain getting a rough edge on the masking tape but I did that for the darker teal lines. I thought two strong lines would be too much thought so I used a Stampin’ Up grunge stamp and Crumb Cake for the other areas. I wanted a high contrast card so this piece of purple in the stash looked great against the teal but it was blah….a run through a large circle embossing folder fixed that! I wasn’t sure what to put as the embellishments but finally decided on feathers.

The feathers were die cut from some ‘altered paper’ that I made. I took some very, very ugly scrapbook paper and covered it with paint; ink; gesso; stamps and stencils until I liked the look. I’ve been cutting into every since. The overall page is pretty wild but cut down, it’s very effective. The bottom feather was glued down flat; the other two are on dimensional strips. A simple twine bow and a button finished it off. The birthday greeting was from on old stamp set. This would be a good card for an adult man; young man or even teenager.

That’s all for a cold, overcast and sprinkling rainy Wednesday, November 1, 2017. We went for an hour and fifteen minute walk this morning and it kept sprinkling a few times but never amounted enough to get us wet….typical November day!



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  1. I love your method of making cards...'try it and see if it works' its definitely a style i would like to adopt.. I think this card turned out lovely..just LOVE the feathers.. ofcourse i have a soft spot for feathers.. :)
    The rain missed us... darn.. we could use it... and we are suppose to warm up into the 70's the next several days... darn... I just pulled out my flannel and long winter Big Hugs!! deb


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