Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year and New Project Finished

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing everyone the best year ever!

Still Cold in Canada! We cannot remember this many bitter cold days in a row and it’s not going to end for about another week yet! It’s -13C (-8.6F) right now but feels like -22C (-7F). The lower studio (aka the basement) has been too cold for me to sit there for long but I did manage to paint another skating snowperson welcome sign….but short sittings at one time so it took several days to actually finish it….and this is not how I like to work but at least I got it finished. Now this is pretty basic tole painting – not fine art! A friend gave me some of her snowpeople patterns but no instructions or coloured copies so I pretty much just made it up as I went along. Here it is:

This is an old piece of slate. It’s very hard to drill the holes through it and I had to buy a special bit for my drill but I do manage to get through them. If you are working on slate I strongly suggest you drill the holes before painting in case they shatter or chunks peel off…yes, it happens.

I do more refined art pieces on occasion. Here is an old milk can I painted for someone.

He wanted the Blue Water Bridge between Sarnia, ON and Port Huron, MI. the way it looked back in the 60’s when he was a kid there. I found an old postcard, sketched it out and painted it for him. I have two milk cans of my own that my daughter gave me that are waiting to be painted but for some odd reason, I have not finished them. Maybe this year….maybe.

I painted this mirror for the downstairs bathroom. Yup, that's me in the reflection taking a picture of it! 
That’s all for a cold and boring New Year’s Day…..neither one of us likes football so the television has not been on at all today. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a card.



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  1. Violet i just love seeing all your art! That snowperson is wonderful!! You did such a great job! And that mirror! Wow! I definitely hope there is more painting for you this year. I need some inspiration to get me painting more this year.. Acutally this is the year of finishing hubby's painting and then painting something else!!! i won't let myself paint anything else until i finish his. lol

    We don't watch the college bowl games either.. for us its NFL or nothing.. and usually not even then.. Once in a while i get in the mood for a good football game.. With all the protesting going on during the games it just really turned us off this year.. I don't think we've watched but one or two.. Brrr.. and i thought i was cold!! Tomorrow we start coming out of it.. thank goodness... by Friday we are back in the 40's..for the highs and 30's at night.. a little more normal temps for around here.. Take care girlfriend.. so glad you liked the sunflowers! Hugs! deb


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