Monday, September 3, 2018

Hot, Hot, Hot and a Card

Summer’s over! This is Joe’s saddest day of the year because summer’s over. We both love the fall colours but hate that it also means that the cold wind and snow will soon follow. We are not fond of winter at all!

However, we are boiling hot in our house today because the A/C decided to quit over night! And, seeing it as a holiday today, we have to wait until tomorrow to call for service…..we refuse to pay the extra to have them come out on a holiday…. we can survive one night without A/C….I hope! Hopefully they will come tomorrow because its going to feel close to 100F for the next couple of days.

I celebrated my 71st birthday on Saturday! We had a great BBQ and 25.5 km bike ride and my best friend came along too which was very nice. A few months ago I designed some card fronts for a store and never spent the $$ they paid me. I was saving it for something special, not just to restock the stash as it runs out. Well, I finally spent it! I bought myself the Tim Holtz mixed media platform. I decided this would be my birthday present from me to me as well as the dollars from the sale of my designs…..I got a very good deal on it and I had enough except for $2.10…cheap birthday present! I love it!

Today’s card is the second one I made following this challenge:  

 Once again, I’m using up the stash so I have no idea where that paper came from. The flower, stem and leaf were die cuts – Memory Box die I believe. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it cut each petal out separately. I have learned to add double sided tape behind it and to leave them petals in the die until ready to transplant them to the card….get it....transplant them…it’s a gardening joke… okay, I guess not that funny but its hot in here and I think my brain is fried. I added a yellow gem to the centre.

        Anyway, I followed the sketch….see previous post… and added a ribbon across the card and two circles with little die cut hearts in the middle. The sentiment is a peel-off that started out silver. I ran a yellow alcohol marker over it to make it less golden because silver just didn’t look right and the gold was too gold.

        That’s all for a hot and humid Monday, September 3, 2018.



PS: To save a card to your Pinterest account, simply hover over the image until the ‘Pin It” symbol appears and then click…it sometimes take a few seconds. This will take you to your own Pinterest account to save the card.

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  1. Oh Violet i don't envy you the heat without aircondition! Whew! Your transplant joke made me smile..LOL What a great birthday gift to yourself!!! And a lovely card in yellow! I cannot sympathize with you and Joe lol I have my eye out for Fall!!!! Big hugs! deb


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