Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas 2004 Scrapbook Pages 6 and 7

Another hot and humid day here in Ontario with a very good chance of another thunderstorm too. Hubby is getting restless, and maybe a bit cranky at times, because we have not been for a bike ride all week. It looks like the heat wave will end after this weekend. On a happy note we are having two of our grandsons spend the night with us tonight and they are such fun. When we got groceries yesterday I picked up four water pistols and we are all set for a water fight. If you noticed an earlier scrapbooking post about the boys under the sprinkler last year they had water guns and had a ball but this year, Grandma and Grampa have them too! Revenge!

But I think I'll go back to posting some early layouts I did when I first started serious scrapbooking. I definitely had the Fiskars circle cutter when I created these pages.

Still not great at layouts at this point but I'm starting to follow a few rules. Especially the rule of threes and how to make the eye flow thru the pages. Notice the row of circles on the right and then your eye goes directly to the lower circle on the right and then up to the red circle at the top and then back to the left side again. I ripped a page out of a song booklet to put behind the pictures onthe right side. the little bear is a stamp I picked up and I've used him in several layouts, coloured differently in each one. The letters in the title page were computer generated using a Christmas font. I cut them out and layered a larger red rectangle behind each one. They needed something else so I ripped some velum and attached them to the velum. Scrapbooking is definitely a learn as you go process. Although I'm not too happy with my early attempts I have to remind myself once in awhile that only a few family members will be viewing these in the future and they are not priceless pieces of art to be hung in a gallery. I have to mentally slap myself sometimes to remind myself to just relax and have fun.

Here are the close-ups of the two pages.

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