Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Turtle Birthday Card

I have absolutely no desire to leave the house - too cold and I'm just not used to it yet. The fridge is beginning to look a little bare so I guess I'll have to venture out to get groceries one of these days. Hubby and I always get groceries together but it looks like I'm on my own this week.

Nothing new around here to post about because hubby is still coughing and not feeling well. Usually he gets antsy if he's stuck in the house for more then two days in a row but he has no desire to do anything or go anywhere. I strongly hinted of how nice it would be if we could go to Kingsville to see the grey owl but that didn't even interest I went back to making new cards.

The one I'm posting today is not one of my just made ones. I made this one last fall and my daughter grabbed it quick. She needed a card for her husband's nephew and she thought this one was perfect for him.

This was made using up scraps again. I saw the background paper and knew it would work for a birthday card so I went thru the stash and grabbed small bits of the same colour and put it together. This is a stamp from Stampin' Bella. Good stamp for a boy or a girl card. After I made it I decided the top looked a little bare so I cut some triangles, glued them to a piece of string and wrapped it around the card before gluing it to the base.

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