Saturday, August 11, 2012

Black and White Wedding Card

Another rainy day! I spent all day yesterday in my "lower studio" (aka the basement) working on a) organizing a bit b) card making c) art journal page d) a mixed media piece.  As one thing is drying, I go to the next thing.

Of course, the weird speech continues with some new words that don't want to come out properly. They always make us laugh because you would think after almost 11 years since brain surgery that I should be "stable", NOT! Thursday night I asked Joe if he wanted a snack - trouble is the word snack came out with about 14 added syllables. Crazy. Saturday morning he says again that he wishes I would sign up to read the scriptures in church - not going to happen. Our minister if very funny but this is not a comedy hour! So he says, "just try saying, Today's scripture reading is from John 2: verses 1 - 8. Well, I did my usual odd pronunciation of all the words until I came to the number 8. It came out as eightacupa. What! Ok, that's yet another new one. So I decided to try counting from 1 - 10 thinking maybe it will come out right. No, still eightacupa. So he says, try counting backwards and I laugh. Like that's going to make a difference? Yup, it did. If I say 9 and then 8 I can say eight, but if I say 8 by itself or 7 then 8, it comes out eightacupa. Joe said I must have a short circuit somewhere in my brain and he better keep the fire extinguisher handy in case I spontaneously combust. We laughed so hard! Ok, we're obviously easily amused but, once again, I say you may as well laugh at your problems because crying gets you nothing but a wet face.

Now on to the card. I posted the other wedding card on Thursday. This is the second one I made that same night.
The background paper is the same pre-embossed cardstock as the other card but I left this one white. The swirl on the top left is from Memory Box. Love this swirl. Lots of little pieces to punch out but worth it. I stamped the sentiment - a little .99 stamp - on white cardstock and die cut it out using Sizzix die. I then traced the die onto the back of black cardstock and cut around the area about 1/8" away. The white flower is from some pleated ribbon I bought. These flowers were fun to make, and quick. I stamped the sentiment in black on white cardstock, backed onto black and assembled the entire piece. Then added the pearls around the swirl. Doesn't look like we'll be leaving the house again today but tomorrow looks promising. Have a great weekend everyone.


jinxxxygirl said...

Do you hear yourself say it wrong or does hubby have to tell you? You both sound like really awesome people....

Love the card!Hugs! deb

CraftyViolet said...

Oh, I can hear it alright! Take a long foreign word and try to pronounce it. You will hear yourself just fine. That's what I hear.

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