Thursday, September 5, 2013

Batman and Anakin Skywalker

Fall is in the air and it is reminding me that Halloween is around the corner. Our local Fabricland closed this spring and I'm still mad about it. It was the best place to pick up cheap fabric for Halloween costumes and "Grandma", that would be me, is the costume maker. Always have been, always will be - but it will cost more now if I have to buy at a fabric shop.

To get you into the swing of things, here are some previously made costumes that my grandsons loved.

This is Seth and Jack in 2010. Jack wanted to be Anakin Skywalker so I had to do an Internet search to know who it was and what he looked like. Turned out he was from Star Wars (Jack's favorite movie by far). Of course there was no pattern for Anakin Skywalker so I had to use bits and pieces from about 4 different patterns to come up with it. He loved it. I also made him a galaxy-themed trick or treat bag too. Seth was the cutest little Batman ever.

A close up of Jack as Anakin Skywalker.

Seth trying on the costumes.
Jack and Seth love to play dress-up so the Halloween costumes were pretty much used year round.
Seth loved his Batman costume and wore it until he couldn't get into anymore. So last fall I made him a bigger one.
Same big smile! He loved it.

Okay time to get cracking on the costume making people! What will it be this year?



jinxxxygirl said...

Those costumes are SSSooo cute Violet! I'am trying to piece together a witch's costume for myself. Probably won't get it all together this year but i'm starting. I have this vision of answering the doorbell dressed like a witch. LOL! Hugs! deb

Lindsay Weirich said...

I am the cardboard costume queen! If it can be pulled together the night before with cardboard, paint, hot glue and a pitcher of drinks I am your girl!

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