Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hot Dog! It's your Birthday!

“Hot Dog…it’s your birthday” is the sentiment on the card that is being posted today.

First though, I must say for the first day of fall, this was a beautiful day. It was about 75F but the sun was beaming down in full force. So, this morning after I hung the clothes on the clothesline (Joe does the wash, I hang them up) we ran a few errands and made our weekly trip to the fruit stand for fresh fruit and veggies and then to the grocery store for a couple things we ran out of and after lunch we decided to check out some new trails in Mitchell Bay. Remember I mentioned the sun was beaming down – oh boy, were they ever hot walks. The trails are dykes through the marsh and bay so no trees for shade at all. We were whipped by the time we got back to the car. We did see some swans, egrets and other birds and even a flock of robins that haven’t left for the south yet, but we were beat. Next time we walk those trails, it will be on a cooler and cloudy day.

Okay, now for the card. A friend of mine loves Dachshunds and asked if I could make some cards with them on. Hubby has a calendar with a picture of them for each day – his favourite dog too – so I said sure I can. I made her some thinking of you cards a while back (previously posted) but now she wanted birthday cards. Here’s what I came up with:


This is one of 6 cards I made for her – all different of course because I like to give people choices. She liked them all! For this card I took pieces of cardstock, taped them together and then ran through the Sizzix tree bark embossing folder. The dog picture was mounted on the brown cardstock. The sentiment is computer generated and I just notched the ends. There was some brown cardstock left over so I cut another piece to go behind the white banner. I love how these cards turned out.
That’s all for a sunny and hot first day of fall,





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