Monday, May 30, 2016

Beautiful Day

Our weather over the weekend was very hot and humid! It was over 31C (about 90F) and with the humidex, in the high 90’s. Of course when you get that much heat and humidity you also get thunderstorms and rain. We opted to leave the bikes at home all weekend and just had a BBQ and walk in the bush on Saturday….and we drove through 2 or 3 rain showers on the way to the park but it was clear at the park so that was good……. and spent Sunday up at Sarnia – Chinese food for lunch and generally just bumming around the park and under the Blue Water Bridge until about 5:00pm…….and then the very dark clouds started to form and we hi-tailed it back to Chatham. There is much less humidity today and a light breeze so it’s a much more comfortable day – and the clothes are drying nicely on the clothesline.

I haven’t posted a scrapbook page for awhile so today is scrapbook day. These photos are from May 2-four weekend in 2014.


We spent the Saturday biking at Rondeau and Sunday hiking at Point Pelee – hence the black arrows pointing out the correct locations. I used a large plastic template from Paper Wishes to cut out the blue paper; then mounted it on the white cardstock and cut around it leaving a white edge. The photos were digitally added to templates and printed out….but I can’t remember whose templates I used but it could have been IPiccy. Once I had the photos and background the way I liked it and glued them down, I just added some embellishments. They are all from different sources and I never keep the packages so I have no idea where they came from. The journaling is partly computer generated and partly hand written. I adhered the one black tin arrow and the camera (both from Paper Wishes) with red brads to pick up the red in my shirt….and a brown button on the top to pick up the brown earth. Hey, right or wrong, it’s how I do it!

Here are the layouts up close.


That’s all for an absolutely lovely summer day!....well, it feels like summer!



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jinxxxygirl said...

i just love your scrapbooking style Violet... I love that you add some writing to your layouts... thats so important in later years i think. Something to jog your memory or explain it to a future generation. I like to match colors too. It may not matter to some but it does me... so the brads you added to match your shirt are perfect!!

We have been cloudy and rainy and cooler... thank goodness... no aircondition yet but i expect to have to use it any day now.. After having quite a bit of rain i expect it to be HUMID....uughhh... Hugs! deb

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