Friday, March 17, 2017

A New Die!

It’s snowing again! I thought it might miss us today but around 7:00 pm it started again. Hopefully it will not amount to too much. It’s been quite a week here. Joe is still on the disabled list – very stiff back – walks like a board and has trouble getting on and off anything low; my sister that lives a couple blocks away is sick….I took her some milk and bread that she needed but pretty much dropped it off and left….with her blessing….so I didn’t catch it. One light in the basement broke so it took a couple trips to the hardware store to get it fixed – first trip to get the part that broke it more and then back to get a new one altogether – and our kind neighbour came and did the wiring for us and reluctantly accepted a small payment for replacing it. In between I’ve been quilting. It’s been too cold in the lower studio (aka the basement) to sit and do scrapbooking or card making.

Today I did receive a very nice surprise. My cousin in Chicago, IL gifted me with the 23AndMe kit to check out my lineage. So cool. We know we are part Mohawk Indian from the Six Nations and English but who knows what else is mixed in there. When people used to ask me what nationality I was I would say, “Heinz 57”….some people thought it was funny; some didn’t get it at all.  Yes, I have a warped sense of humour!

Last week our local scrapbook store, The Paper Pickle, had 25% off all dies…..yup, treated myself again. I picked up one of those die sets that just cuts out the corner of the card. They did not have the one I wanted the most, but this one is pretty good too. Here’s the first card I made with it.


I took a piece of that beige cardstock with a blotchy tone-on-tone pattern and die cut the corner. I didn’t have any real plan in mind. I was pretty much just checking out how it cut. I laid it one top of that rusty cardstock and really liked it. So then I took that Memory Box die that cuts each flower petal separately and die cut the flower out of the rust and then the beige cardstock. I taped the back of the beige behind where the flower petals would go so when I laid the rust petals back down, they stayed in place. I’ve tried several ways to do this and this works the best for me. Then I die cut the stem and leaves out of green and glued them on. It just needed a simple sentiment so a peel-and-stick worked just fine. Once I liked how it looked it was glued to the standard card base.

That’s all for a now-snowy Friday, 2017-03-17. Have a wonderful, safe and creative weekend everyone.



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jinxxxygirl said...

OMGosh Violet!!! What a wonderful gift from your cousin! That has been on my wish list forever.. how exciting!!! I'm hoping one day hubby will surprise me with it.. I hope you'll feel comfortable sharing your results.. Heinz 57 .. totally get it as i'm one too.. I know on my mom's side we are German/Swedish/Dutch but on my dad's side its a mystery... some talk of a Lenni Lenape indian somewhere in there but other than that no idea...

I hope Joe gets to feeling better.. my hubby is down in his back fun.. And your sister gets to feeling better...geesh! YOU stay well!! Warm temps here and humid... uuughh.. We had a little rain shower this evening..

So nice of your neighbor to help you out.. We have some nice neighbors too and we all help each other out... LOVE your new die! and the colors on that card! I cannot WAIT to get my hands on my Cuttle Bug..! :) I don't have many dies but i have acquired quite a few embossing folders when they were on sale.. Stay warm ! Hugs! deb

aquafit said...

i love this die will need to borrow it sometime, lovely card.

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