Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christmas 2004 Scrapbook Page 1

Wow, what a scorcher of a day. In fact, its now 9:00 p.m. and it's still 29 degree Celsius which is about 90 F. It was a little cooler at Rondeau Park where we went for yet another BBQ and bike ride (30 km today which is about 18 miles). Tomorrow is suppose to be hotter and more humid - yikes!

So, seeing it's July and hot and humid, why not share a Christmas scrapbook page!  Everyone seems to be celebrating Christmas in July so why not! I started out scrapbooking just Christmas photos starting in 2004. No idea why. Just seemed like a good spot to start. I really didn't have any style back then so these pages are not as good as the ones I do now - but again, you have to start some where.

I had very few supplies back then - as opposed to now! I think I had a small trimmer, not even a 12" one, and a few stickers and paper. Boy has my crafting area changed! I can't imagine scrapbooking without my Cuttlebug, dies, stamps, inks, chalks, flocking, flower soft, paint........etc, etc.

This was Jack's first Christmas and all three girls made it down for Christmas that year which was a real treat. It looks like quite a huge pile of presents but do remember by the time we added in all the adults and children and aunts it adds up to a lot of people. We actually keep Christmas costs to a minimum in our family as it is not the presents that make Christmas for us. All adults (any one over 16) draw names and you buy one $25 + tax gift for that person. Period. No one else except spouses and well, I'm the mom so I do buy a gift for each of the daughters and their spouses but I don't go overboard at all. We all buy something for the children though. We all love to open our stockings Christmas morning - even the adults. I used to do all the buying for stockings but it got to be too much so now we draw names for stockings too. Again, it's a maximum of $25 per stocking, 5 $5 gifts is the goal but we can, say buy one item for $6 or $7 and then one for the difference to make $10.00. Can't buy one big gift though. It's fun to see what people come up with in stockings stuffers.

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