Saturday, November 26, 2011

Keeper of the Wishing Stars Wall-Hanging

I haven't posted a quilt for awhile so I thought I'd do so today. When I first started quilting I was a little worried about doing large quilts so I made some wall-hangings just to get the hang of it (no pun intended - well, OK maybe it was). Anyway, I picked up some panels and practiced on them. This is a good way to start actually because panels are not usually very expensive and don't take a lot of time to finish so if you totally screw it up, you can shrug it off easier.  Now that I've been quilting for a few years I would take a panel and add borders to it and make it into a bed quilt but that is now, not then.

Here is the wall-hanging panel, Keeper of the Wishing Stars. I think I picked this up at Mary Maxim on sale.

I made this in 2004, hung it up for a picture, then donated it to a local charity for their silent auction. I have no idea if they got a $2 bid or a $20 bid or what.

When I first decided to quilt, I wasn't sure how to make accurate 1/4" seams - I had no idea whey made sewing feet for quilters for sewing such seams. I thought those quilters were so cleaver being able to sew 1/4" seams with the traditional foot that comes with the machine.  That's why I started out doing crazy patch quilts and wall-hangings - I didn't have to worry about being so accurate. Then I learned the hard way about why quilters need a walking foot - which I also did not know existed. I laugh about it now as I look at my increasing pile of necessary quilting accessories - extra rulers, specialty rulers, templates, computer programs for designing quilts, cutting mats and rotary cutters, etc. ...oh, and the ever increasing stash. I swear it grows on its own.

...and now I'm into mixed media and Art Journal pages - oh my. We may have to move to a larger house!

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