Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Scrapbook Layout

We had a computer scare this morning! I turned the computer on but it didn't turn on. Nothing! The router and monitor, etc all turned on but not the computer itself. Oh Oh! I checked the plugs at the back - all tight. So, another call to the computer guru who lives next door. Joe says he probably sees our number on his phone and groans. He wasn't there but I left a distressing message and he came over as soon as he came home. I figured it was the power source and could see more $$$$ flying out the window and he thought it was that at first too. However, he checked everything, turned it off by the switch in the back and then back on again, and it fired right up. Whew! He's not sure why its doing that but at least now I know how to fix it myself - until that doesn't work any more.

I have a couple more layouts I did about our trip with two of our grandsons to Amherstburg. Here is the next one:

There is a huge park in Amherstburg right along the river - check it out in a previous layout I posted on Feb 25th. entitled Vacation Scrapbook Page. They have some cannons there for the kids to climb on and oh did they have fun. Jack has quite the imagination and Seth (who was just three) just followed right along with him. They had so much fun on those cannons and only hungry tummies got them off. I wanted to use all the photos I had for this one page so there are nine in total but I don't think it looks too busy because I put some paper in some areas to give the eye a rest.

Here are the single pages. To enlarge a picture on a post, simply double click on it.

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