Thursday, March 1, 2012

Card Positioning Sketch 254 - Red Hat Card

What a day this has been. Started in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, so then when I did fall to sleep I slept in..hate it when that happens...throws me right off. So, I jump in the shower and what happens next, my nylon scrubber thingy falls apart. Hard to get clean when you are trying to hold together your scrunchy. Normally I tie a piece of dental floss around them before I use it for the first time but I didn't this time. Every time I'm in the shower I say to myself, "Self, get some dental floss tied around this when you get out" but it turns out my brain cells give my thoughts a limited time offer. By the time I get out of the shower, I've forgotten all about tying it. So, that's my tip for the day, tie dental floss around your scrunchy things (I must find out what they are really called) and they will not fall apart.

Right after breakfast Joe got the mail and the only thing for me was a letter from Point Pelee National Park reminding us that we need to renew our annual membership. If you renew before the end of March you save 25%- cool. I picked up the phone right away and Joe said "Are you sure you want to call today? Your speech is anything but clear". I said yes I had to - time limited thought offer rule - he had no idea what I was talking about but he's used to ignoring me so he let it go. The only good part about that phone call was that because I turn 65 later this summer, the lady said I qualify for the senior discount now - cool!

So, then hubby says, "We have to watch American Idol before we do anything else". Right, so that took up the morning. We tape about 90% of all shows we watch so we can skip thru the commercials. Bad I know.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk but I told him I just had to print off a picture of Jack and Seth for a mixed media piece I'm working on because I want to try to do a photo transfer and it has to dry. Oh, oh. Most of the picture in the 2010 folder have disappeared. Not good. I knew I had them backed up but this was before I had the external hard drive and I have about 3 dozen DVD's to go thru to find them. So, forget that for now. We left for a walk down to the mall (I needed a new scrunchy thing) and the library - avid reader I am- and we stopped to have some hot chocolate at the library cafe. It is so great having a cafe at the library! So that took up the entire afternoon but at least I got about an hour and half walk in.

So, I finally found the right DVD and transferred the pictures back to the computer and then printed off the ones I needed for my project. If you have pictures saved on your computer, I cannot stress enough to get them backed up somehow. I love the external hard drive I bought and it works better then all those DVDs.

 Isn't it weird how you have been busy all day but you don't think you have any thing accomplished? That's how I feel today. After supper it dawned on me that I had not posted anything to the blog yet. So, better late then never, here is my card.

Pretty straightforward card and I pretty much followed their sketch. Not much explanation required. You cannot tell from the picture but the hat is three-dimensional. I stamped the hat four times on white cardstock. I coloured the hat with TomBow markers and cut the first one out, cutting off the feather. Then I coloured in the top part and cut it out and attached it with thin foam; then I coloured in the three little flowers, cut them out and attached them with a pop-dots; then I coloured and cut out the feather and attached it with pop-dots at the top, and just gluing it at the bottom.  The three little dew drops started out clear and I coloured them with alcohol ink.


Lea L. said...

Super cute card! Love the colors! Thanks for playing along with CPS sketch 254!!

Linda Beeson said...

This is so cute, LOVING those colors and how you used that CPS sketch.

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