Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gold and Silver Wedding Cards

What an absolutely gorgeous day! We had a pretty heavy frost last night but there is no wind and the temperature is in the low 40’s now…just barely but in the 40’s. We really enjoyed church this morning too. Our minister is so down-to-earth and his sermons are anything but boring. He never puts himself “above” the rest of us. In fact, everyone, including the kids, call him “Mike”…just Mike, not even Reverend Mike. The choir was excellent as was the praise team. So nice to see guitars, flutes and drum set up on the stage. Such talented people we have in our congregation. So, if you live in the Chatham area and are looking for a new church, you are welcome to come to First Presbyterian! I do believe you will like it.

After church Joe surprised me by saying he was taking me out to OJ and Molly’s in Erieau for lunch! Wow, really! Nice! We normally just go somewhere for breakfast after church or we come straight home. Of course then he says “Don’t get used to it” and laughs. He just has to be a smart aleck and spoil the moment! Good job I'm used to him and his wacky sense of humour. We decided that this was our 25 year wedding anniversary dinner 5 months late. Neither one of us felt like going out for a hot meal in June – it was in the 90’s that day I think - so we finally got around to celebrating it. It was a great meal but I could only eat half of it so my supper is the other half.

It was a great ride out to the lake to OJ and Molly’s and some of the trees are in their full fall colours; others are just starting to turn and some are already bare. It’s been a weird fall for sure weather wise and even the trees are confused. We’ve had some really strong wind here lately so I was surprised there are any leaves left, but there are. I love the fall colours but I don’t like the winter blues that follow! Hopefully I won’t have a repeat of the health problems that I had last winter. I seldom left the house for months.

So thinking about church and our belated anniversary lunch I decided to post a couple of wedding cards.

These are more of what I thought were “blah” peel-and-stick fancy stickers from the dollar tree from the same company that made the butterfly ones that I previously posted. This time I knew it would look great on black so I went with that again. The corners were punch with my ticket punch and mounted on gold paper and corner punched it too. The little hearts came with the set and so did the wedding rings which I added to a fancy scallop circle (Spellbinder’s die) and attached with dimensional dots.

I didn’t have any paper in my stash that really set this off but then I remembered I had some wallpaper sample books a friend of mine gave me and sure enough, I found some very nice paper that worked great. Wallpaper samples are great for cards but do not use them on your scrapbook papers as they are not acid free. The bride and groom looked like they were floating so I added a small left over piece of gold strips from other peel-and-stick sheets. The bow came from the shoe outlet. It still needed a little something so I added more gold strips around the edges. It's hard to see in the photos but the background paper and gold strips are about 1/8" or so from the edge of the card. The card itself is white and so is the paper behind it so the edges sort of got lost. I've got to change the paper behind white cards for sure. Anyway, I love these peel-and-stick sheets – if they are from Paper Wishes they are called Dazzles - but I have some from many sources and I just refer to them all as peel-and-stick.

So this one was in gold and I decided to make the same card in silver. Not sure why I even bought these but now I’m glad I did.

Same general layout and procedure but used a different bow – still from the shoe factory though. The shoe factory closed down so I’m glad I bought a few bags of bows before they went out of business. And of course I put silver strips around the edge of this one.

That’s it for a Sunday.




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